What Food can be consumed for POTS?

‘POTS’ is not actually a disease, which is thus known as Syndrome. There are certain reasons for the occurrence of these spots. However, these POTS can be prevented through consuming and avoiding certain food. No matter whether you have POTS or not, you must take care of your health, by consuming healthy food, and avoiding unhealthy Foods.


Some of the food that can be consumed is the fluid items such as water, green juice, soups, lemon juice, cucumber and tomato salads, and cereals with salt sprinkled, whole grains, fruits, etc. All kinds of veggies and fruits are available throughout the world. And you can purchase them in your local store or buy them online. Avoid food items which have gluten, as it results to neurological disorders; sugar-rich food and white flour must be avoided, even dairy and junk foods must be prohibited, and besides these stop consuming energy drinks to maintain good health.

Intake of Salt Important


Salt is found to be more effective in the treatment of POTS, and is recommended by the physicians. If you cannot consume salt directly, you can use it in various ways. You can sprinkle salt and lemon on all the food that you eat. This not just increases the taste of the food, but also improves your health protecting you from POTS. But, avoid salt usage if you have any heart or kidney problems. Even you can drink half cup of salt water for at least twice a week.

Intake of Water and Soup

Intake of Water is also utmost important, similar to salt consumption. You have to consume plenty of water (for about a glass per 15 minutes). This will keep your body cool and thereby relax your mind. More amounts of water consumption, is found to be more beneficiary in the POTS patients. Such kinds of improvements include standing of blood pressure and heart rate, also the reduction as well. Even, soup can be consumed, which offers same benefit as that of the water. Drink the healthy soup which helps you to maintain good health.

Green Juice for Better Health


Green Juice can be prepared in various ways using different vegetables and fruits. You can prepare green juice by using spinach, vegetables, cereals, dry fruits. Either you can make this juice sweet or salty and spicy. However, it’s better to consume green juice by adding little bit of salt. But do make it spicy by adding all spicy items. To sweeten don’t use sugar, instead use honey which is good for health. Drink it during your breakfast time that strengths and energises your body as well as keeps you active all the day.

Eat Fresh fruits and Vegetables

You can consume fresh fruits and vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes, bitter gourd, and others. Best method is to have cucumbers and tomatoes in the form of Salads. You need to cut tomatoes and cucumbers in a circular way or into small pieces, then sprinkle some salt over it and consume. Ensure that, these tomatoes and cucumbers are fresh. Besides these, you can have bitter gourd, which is extremely good for health though it tastes bitter. You can cut bitter gourd put the pieces in a pan, pour few spoons of oil and heat in a low frame. Later, you can sprinkle salt over these and consume it with chapattis. Also, you can have raw Spinach in your lunch and dinner, along with other cooked food.

Another thing that has to be avoided is the drugs. Throw away all your bad habits like drinking alcohol, smoking, and others if you have any. This helps you to stay away from POTS.