Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – Appears with S Pen Technology

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is found to be a great boon to the Samsung lovers. It keeps every user busy for every minute, because of its S Pen feature. It makes everyone go craze with its versatile tool that makes life simpler for all the busy folks.


This latest model with innovative technology S Pen allows you to take out the PDF in order to edit it when you are on top, and further you are supposed to scroll when you need to capture it, else you must be able to scribble quickly an epiphany over a blank screen. Hence, you will need the support of S Pen to complete this task. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 provides all the luxury tools such as watching videos while chatting and other multiple activities at a single time. Apart from this, you will be able to get 4 GB RAM during your disposal. Hence, you will find just 2 or more apps when you open on the same screen that seems to be much spacious to afford the luxury.

With a latest design and a slicked smooth finish, the S Pen takes on a new luster with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. This mobile has excellent design with high-end hardware that assists in taking wonderful outdoor snaps. Also, it is the only phone that helps you to write by hand. Somehow, one has to pay a great premium for a latest upgrade since the last year’s model, and price seems to be cost effective that would definitely satisfy several people.

Excellent Features of S Pen

There are several features of Samsung Galaxy Note 5, out of which S Pen seems to play a great role. Below are the uses and excellent features of S Pen.


Simple to Click and Easy to Access

S Pen appears to be to smart, which is simple to click and very easy to access. With just a single click, you will find the S Pen tool in your hand that helps you to draw many things.

Great Command calls

The latest and most improved Air Command generally gets activated continuously, when the S Pen arrives out. And the command can be seen on the screen that awaits your call for action.

Helps to S Pen your Thoughts!

The tool is an awesome way for the writers, especially the quotes or short poem writers. As soon as the thoughts appears in the mind, one can S Pen it out. No time gets wasted, as all the thoughts can be drifted as soon as this S Pen is accessed. It not just allows you to write, but also brings the artist inside you and inspires you to draw the picture you wish to draw. Even it allows you to share the figures you have drawn or captured photos or any write-ups with your family and friends.

Off Screen Memo

The feature called the ‘Off Screen Memo’ makes the S Pen even more useful tool. And through this smartphone, you can pick the S Pen out and start typing instantly and directly over a ‘dead’ screen. And all other apps will be closed while Note 5 gets started with the black background. Such a great phone has efficient energy that consumes less power and enables fast access with the extremely dynamic function.

Likewise, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 helps its users with lots of S Pen features that assists in fulfilling your goals and dreams.