Ranveer downs his Knees for his Ladylove Deepika


Ranveer and Deepika who are now most popular with the names ‘Bajirao’ and ‘Mastani’ are now creating love buzz in real life. The couples seems to be in true relationship with each other and are always captured in romantic poses by media’s eye! Their onscreen chemistry itself reveals about their relationship! Whatever, lets wish these lovebirds get married soon.

However, this time our Bajirao openly bows his knees down towards Mastani for the marriage proposals. And ‘Bajirao’ has worn Sherwani to impress his ‘Mastani’ and looks like Mastani accepts his love. When Ranveer kneels down on one leg and proposed Deepika, she just bow down and gave her hand on his hands, giving green signal for the proposal made.

b2bIf there is nothing between then, how can these people appear in romantic moments so openly? Bajirao (Ranveer) and Mastani (Deepika) always seen ‘face to face’ looking at each other and never withdraw their eyes. Their chemistry is so good that, the couples set the screen on fire most of the times. You might have observed their expressions and love proposals on most of the TV programs promoting their movies, or while releasing their movie trailers, etc. The same thing happened when they were promoting their latest film Bajirao Mastani. Both Bajirao and Mastani had been attracting the public with their latest looks and their style. Lots of rumors circulated everywhere because of their texture and romance in the public places.