Marina Beach: Most Popular Beach Cast In Tamil Movies


If someone wants to have a good time away from the cacophony of the metropolitan of Chennai, Marina beach is a must visit for him. The endless and the majestic Bay of Bengal welcomes you with its vast open arms with a carpet of sand escorting you towards the impulsive splashes of the waves.

The panoramic and the pristine beauty of the immortal sea can leave anyone spellbound. Marina beach is quite near to the Chennai Central Railway station at a distance of just 5 kilometres. Tourists arriving in the city by air have to cover a distance of 17 kilometres from the Chennai international airport.Once can easily get cabs and autos available in sufficient numbers to visit the extraordinary beach.

Marina is an urban natural beach spread over a total length of 13 kilometres which gives it the crown of India’s longest beach and the world’s second longest. It stretches from Fort St. George in the north to Besant Nagar in the south.The undercurrent at the beach is very strong which is why swimming and bathing are legally prohibited. On weekdays, more than 30,000 visitors come to the marina beach which goes up to 50,000 on the weekends making it the most crowded beach of the country.

There are hundreds of small makeshift shops and restaurants on the beach serving south Indian seafood. One can go and eat delicious seafood at the far cheaper price as compared to the niche restaurants and hotels. Around the beach, there are many things worth visiting and seeing. At the walking distance few hundred meters towards the main road there are memorials of south India’s two greatest politicians. The MGR memorial built for the famous actor turned politician M.G Ramachandran famously known as MGR and C.N Annadurai’s memorial.

Just before these two famous memorials, there is a very catchy fountain called Rock fountain. It’s a fountain made in the form of a waterfall with huge stones.For good food and restaurants, one can go to Besant Nagar, the last point of Marina beach in the south. There are many wonderful restaurants serving authentic delicious south Indian cuisine. This place is generally called Besant nagger beach where one can also enjoy the different rides.

Chennai is a city full of mesmerising stories and intriguing facts. A city which can steal anyone’s heart at the very first chance. A city of beaches and wonderful people, a city worth visiting and exploring.