Infrastructure of Godhra

The old city of Godhra became a Residential area, whereas the new city of Godhra includes a Residential society that contains Shopping Mall, etc. Actually 20 – 25 years ago, the city of Godhra was limited to the residential area, but when the population started to increase, Godhra was expanded by the society itself.

Later, in Godhra, the housing societies started to expand till the north and eastern part of the Godhra. While, the initial growth management was the development plan made by the department of the town planning, that belongs to the Gujarat Government in the year 1988.Whereas, this revised Godhra development plan has provided across 34% of the land for the residential area, while 3% and 7% of the land is reserved, especially for the commercial and for the purpose of the industrial development respectively.


Godhra state’s economy has reached a critical size today, and has become a strong platform to introduce itself on the enhanced and huge growth path. The state charges itself for the healthy infrastructure that will develop a base for a very high growth. It has also started several projects, which will re-describe the economic background. Also, it is one of the most industrialized state in the whole of India, that has lead the production of many products like – the plastics and petrochemicals, the pharmaceuticals and many others. Even, it is considered as the world’s third largest crude refining place, and the best producer of the diamonds and denim.