How to Maintain Healthy Body?

To maintain a healthy body is bit a complicated task. You must concentrate on various aspects to reap benefits of having healthy body. First and foremost thing is to maintain an healthy diet, then doing exercise is most essential for physical fitness. Also, control of alcohol or other liquors, as well as control of the junk food is most important for a healthy personality.


Also, one must eat fruits or drink fruit juice or coconut water for at least twice in two days. This would help you maintain a proper body metabolism. Avoid eating non-vegetarian food; or if eaten, do not forget to do exercise. Do not consume food out of your stomach capacity. Always eat 75% of your stomach consumption, and drink 25% of water. This will make your food get digested with ease and your stomach consumption becomes more. Hence, more food consumption will give enough rich nutrients to your body and helps you to maintain healthy body.

Top 5 ways to maintain Healthy Body

Below are the top 5 ways to maintain a very healthy body.

Oats Important

Oats are rich in manganese and molybdenum, and also has good dietary fibers. These fibers are good in cutting-off the cholesterol level, as well as helps in controlling blood glucose and blood pressure; even prevents heart attacks. Since, oats have all these healthy features, why not consume oats? It is best for both children and adults, as it is easily digestible.

Consume Eggs

Apart from other food, it’s also equally important to consume some eggs. It has certain amounts of proteins, vitamins such as A, E, and K, as well as B12. Besides these, required riboflavin, folic acids, and 8 essential amino acids that also includes minerals like minerals like calcium, zinc and iron. Hence, consuming an egg a day, may it be boiled or raw would give you great health.

Drink Coconut Water

Coconut water is good in maintaining the good body metabolism. Drinking which, you will be able to destroy the cholesterol level from the body. It replaces the water loss that happens due to vomiting, loose motion, etc. Hence, it is good to drink coconut water that keeps your body cool and further assists you to maintain good health.

Eat Green Vegetables

Eating green vegetables is always good for health. You will get enough amounts of vitamins, nutrients and so on. If you eat these vegetables regularly as a substitute of fruits and pulses, it would be much helpful for you. You will see great improvement in your health. Green leafy vegetables such as spinach and Tulsi, give you excellent results if you consume them regularly.

Have Fruits

If you make it a habit to eat fruits daily, may it be apple or banana, orange or mosambi, and so on… you will get good amounts of vitamins, iron, and other nutrients to your body. You can consume these fruits either in the form of salads or through juice. This would assist you in maintaining proper health.