How To Gain Weight With A Fast Metabolism – 5 Easy Steps To Follow


Simple guidelines to fast-track mass gains.

• Positive Calorie Balance-The first thing we need to understand if we want to increase weight is that in order to build muscle, you have to be in a “Positive calorie balance”. This means that we have to consume more calories than you burn off during the day. These additional calories will give our body the fuel it needs to build muscle tissue and help you bulk up.


• Keep Workout Capacity Low– the first thing we can do is to keep our total workout capacity on the low end. As a thin guy, we already have a slightly lower than average recovery availability. So we don’t want extra-long workouts to worsen this problem even further. We have to remember that each additional set we perform in the gym will eat up additional calories and cut into our recovery stories. Our workout needs to be short but strong. Get in and get out- that’s our motto.


• LIFT Heavy Weights Using Low Reps– lifting heavy weight is what’s going to fill out our skinny frame. Plan to do the set of 3-6 reps, and no more than 8 reps.


• Focus on Calorie-Dense Food-for thin people who want to gain weight than your diet will be 90% of the equation. You have to find ways to take in more high calories foods. We want to focus on calorie dense foods that will take up the least room in our stomach but have the high-calorie payoff.
some of the best high-density foods we should we consuming include- fruits, nuts and nut butter, raw oats, red meats, whole egg, salmon etc. this types of foods will offer the most calories for the amount of the food you are eating


• Use Weight Gain Shakes to Add More Calories– we can purchase weight gain shakes pre-made if we really want to, but it’s often better idea to just make homemade weight gain shakes. To do this, we have to just need to combine a few ingredients such as; Whey protein powder, dry oats, skim milk, Greek yogurt or cottage cheese, fresh fruit or other ingredients that we think would work well. This will give us nice balance of all three macronutrients and can easily help us to add 300-400 calories between our snacks and meals.


• Reset Your Muscles At All other Times– finally, the last thing that every thin guy need to do in order to gain weight with fast metabolism; is to focus on resting as much as possible at all other times in the day apart from our workout. One reason why some skinny guys really have a hard time gaining muscle is because they are very fidgety and thus have a high calorie-burning effect taking place. If we are constantly shaking our leg, tapping our finger, or getting up to walk around, this would cause you to burn hundreds of more calories each day. We really want to focus on relaxing as much as possible throughout the day. With enough planning, the right diet plan, and the right weight gain program, we really can add pounds of muscles mass to our skinny frame starting right now.