Home Remedies for Wintage Ailments

Wintage Ailments are usually the cold and cough which troubles each and every person from children to adults. Because of the bad weather, it is mandatory to suffer from such wintage ailments. Because of this, most clinics will be filled to get the treatment for cold and cough.


Actually, there is no need to consult doctors if you really know the simple easy home remedies to treat the cold and cough. First and foremost thing is to keep yourself safe from such winter ailments by covering head and ears with a scarf; also, wear sweater to prevent any wintage ailments. Also, follow below listed essential home remedies, if you are attacked by cold and cough.

5 Essential Home Remedies for Wintage Ailments

Below are the 4 essential home remedies for the wintage ailments.

Ginger Tea

Ginger is known for it its anti-septic and anti-inflammatory property, which is commonly used for treating wintage ailments. Hence, you can use this ginger in the way you wish to consume it. Either you can use ginger in your day to day recipes like upma etc, you can use this in tea and get a flavour of ginger. This type of tea, which contains ginger, has become famous as Ginger Tea. So, drink this medicinal tea, which keeps your health good by removing cold and cough.


Preparation of this tea is very simple – just cut small thin pieces of ginger, add to half a cup of boiling water, you can put sugar to this boiling water, add tea bag or ½ a teaspoon of tea powder, keep all these to boil, once boiling is done, strain the tea to a cup, then add milk to it; it’s done. Delicious ginger tea is ready to drink.

Apply Vicks Vaporub

Vicks Vaporub is a most popular ailment, which is used by many people since many years. Thus, it is recommended to use vicks vaporub as a first treatment to reduce the cold and cough. You need to apply vicks all over your chest and back, both sides of your nose and inhale properly; also, it is required to apply vicks on throat as well. This will allow you to easily get rid of cold and cough and remain safe from these wintage ailments.

Take Steam Bath


If you have cold and cough, then it is better to take steam bath, which gives you quick relief from such winter ailments. Most of the doctors prescribe steam bath. In case, it is not comfortable to you, then you can even take ordinary bath with hot water; both gives same effect. Hence, follow this remedy for wintage ailments.

Wear Woolen Sweaters

If the climate is too cold, just try to cover your body with woolen dress and sweaters. Even you can dress up yourself with stylish shawls and scarfs if you want to look fashionable. Woolen holds the cold and gives enough warmth to the one who wears it.

Salt Water Gargle


Salt water gargle becomes very vital when your throat starts itching due to cold or cough. If you gargle with salt water, you will definitely get quick relief from itchy throat, running nose, and cough as well.