Godhra National Highways

There are a majority of the national highways in Godhra, which has been made to the four lanes. While, the majority is either two lanes or four lanes in the State highway, as well as the major district roads and the other district roads are mostly the single lane roads. State Government of Godhra has made the remarkable improvement on many road extension programs like – the Gujarat Emergency Earthquake Rehabilitation Project, Godhra State Highway Development Programme, World Bank assisted projects, Vikas Path, Pragati Path, Kisan Path and many other projects. In addition to all these developments, the Godhra Highway Bill is a new scheme to further facilitate the enlargement of the road sector.


In the present report, approximately about 5,915 kilometers of major connection of Godhra State Highway has been specified, which offers the connectivity to the rural and tribal areas, agriculture markets, growth centers, as well as the National and the State highways. Traffic estimation which was recently completed from the Strategic Options Study, was used to evaluate the demand on the major network from the different groups, which include – the industrial centers, ports, urban and rural users, agriculture products markets and tourist traffic.