First Time Dating Tips for Men

Do not think dating as an easiest job. There are lots of things to know about dating before you start dating. May it be man or a woman, to start the first conversation becomes the complicated job for both during their first date. As per the survey conducted, most of the men struggle hard to make the first conversation with women. Of course, there are some men, who do not even care about to know the topics that the women is interested in, they just start asking questions whatever they wish. This will finally ends up the dating. Girl will never dare to meet or see that guy again!


So if you want to build a good and long-lasting relationship with women, you need to think about appropriate questions that can please your girl. If you don’t have proper idea about making the first conversation, you can start browsing the web to get more idea about how to date a girl. You will find an interesting conversation topic in the internet.

How do Men approach Women during first Conversation?

Below are few of the guidelines that most of the men get into conversation with women. You can follow these first date tips for guys when you meet her for the first time.

Have Phone Conversation First

Before you date a woman, it’s good to have phone conversation first. Ask her what she likes in men, or how the style of her man should be – whether he should have long hairs or short hairs, you might also ask her, what type of dressing style she likes in men, etc. And you can change your looks as per her taste when you date her for the first time. Hence, phone conversation will make you closer when you meet her directly. Always remember that first impression is the best impression. So, impress a girl with your looks and talks in your first date itself by following the proper guidelines specifically meant for the men.

Know the Interests of Women


You must first know the interests of women — what she loves to eat, what she loves to drink, what she likes about men, etc. Even if you don’t like her taste, you must just say – even you too like the same. You should make her believe that you have common interests. If you are dating, you must know about what exactly does the women love to hear from you?

Avoid asking too Personalized Questions

As per the survey conducted by women in 2015, most men fail in their first dating due to wrong conversation. The wrong conversation is nothing but asking a woman – too personalized questions which she never wants to respond. You should make her happy to speak with you and spend more time with you. If you ask too personalized questions, it makes her hesitate to talk with you, or some women may even get frustrated or panic and just walk away leaving you alone!

Hence, before dating women, you must first do phone conversation, then know her interest in the first meet, and avoid asking too personalized questions. These are the few facts that every man should know before dating woman to become successful in first dating.