‘Batman v Superman’ Teaser Removes Masks!

An upcoming Hollywood film known as the ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ (a teaser trailer has been introduced at the Fox’s ‘Gotham’ mid-season finale. The acute latest scene that is displayed, showcase a strong encounter between the Dark Knight (by ‘Ben Affleck’) and Man of Steel (by ‘Henry Cavill’).

After few seconds, a bound Batman is spotted, who is found to be captive enough in certain type of desert bunker. Batman flies before the Superman flies in! He climbs high like a hero, removes his mask, and thereby reveals the Affleck’s Bruce Wayne.


Affleck agrees that he is proud to be recognized as an iconic hero by playing the role of the “Batman v Superman”. This version has never been seen before. The old and broken character of Batman has been modified little bit to make it more interesting. Though the character of the ‘Batman’—protect people remains the same.

That kind of mentality will be in the viewers all along, when we face something as similar to the deadly as Superman. And Ben Affleck has been put heavy pressure to get succeed in exploiting DC Comics.

The Director ‘Zack Snyder’ mentions that the Batman will have ‘a crisis of scruples’ in the upcoming movie. The movie makes the watchers get into the imagination—Batman has already reached such point in his life as well as career as a superhero. Now that, Superman denotes a kind of philosophical change. Superman is found to be an epitome transformation of the Batman. The director says – ‘I had been fighting for the justice most of the times by fighting against the criminals, and the character of Superman is somewhat similar to my Character.” He further adds that, there is nothing wrong if a man robs a bank in a ‘Superman face’. The character will remain the same.

The new trailer that has been crisis anticipated for the Warner Bros, and appears on ‘the Jimmy Kimmel Live’. Kimmel has been scoring a number of cinematic takeovers and the first full ‘Batman v Superman’ trailer will be introduced in the month of April after getting leaked online.

The ‘Batman v Superman’ also popularized many artists like the Jesse Eisenberg, Amy Adams, Diane Lane, and other artists. This would further feature the Gal Gadot’s and Jason Momoa’s introduction to bigscreen ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Aquaman’. These are found to be the main characters in the standalone movie. However, the movie — ‘Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice’ would hit the theaters on the 25th of March 2016 by creating its own landmark.