Amruta Dhara Yojna in Godhra

Due to the lack of infrastructure for both the water supply and sanitation, the level of water supply is found very low. Actually, there is a minimum requirement of 18 MLD of water for the Godhra city on a daily basis, and out of which, the city receives just 7 MLD water daily. Due to which, the people of Godhra started suffering from the lack of water supply.

Because of this reason, the water supply project was established during the year 1957. However, between the two years such as – 1973 and 1974, as well as the years 1978 and 1979, the rainfall was very low. Due to which, the additional wells were constructed on the upstream of the Mesri River. Though, there are many water sources in Godhra like – the rivers Mesri, Kanelav Talav, Panim River and so on …water level in Godhra was too less, which made people to suffer a lot.

This state has also solved most of the water issues by rain harvesting procedure, the inter basin transfer and through dams. Whereas, the twenty rivers which have been interlinked, and have solved the water problem through the distribution. Such projects have significantly increased the water level across the state, and also the constant availability of the water for the sake of irrigation has also brought a steady growth in the agricultural sector. And the largest projects which were implemented were – the Sardar Sarovar and the Sujalam-Suphalam. This was the largest water supply and irrigation project, which has been slowly improving the water problem.


In the year 1987, Godhra has been suffering from the water supply, and due to which the ‘Gujarat Water Supply and Sewage Board’ has installed a pipeline of about 42 kms long right from the Panama Dam to the Godhra city. There is also a check dam, which was built on the Mesri River in the year 2004, with the intention to increase the demand of the water sources. Whereas, for the development of the water supply in the Urban area, during the year 2005, the Government of Gujarat already allotted projects worth Rs.1 crore, that comes under the ‘Amruta Dhara Yojna’ in order to make the water supply system very strong in the Godhra.

In this Yojna, mainly the up-gradation of the machinery and some kind of constructional work was included. And as per the 2001 census, the current water supply by the municipality is about 7 MLD, whereas the population of the Godhra is around 1.31 lakhs. Therefore, at present, the water supply to Godhra is just 55 LPCD.

The records have found that, there are around 18,443 water connections in the city of Godhra, which has been connected to about 75 percent of the overall households. There are also households, which does not receive even 1 percent of the water connection, and neither they have bore-wells or the public stand posts.

Apart from this, there was totally 10 – 15% of the waterloss due to the leakage of pipelines, and because of which, 30% of the area of Godhra started facing water supply problem.