Aamir Khan’s Statements Insults his Fans!

New Delhi:  The Bollywood Actor ‘Aamir Khan’ has been in to the debate on a comprehended ‘rise in intolerance’. He just shared his feeling of his increasing troubles, and explains that ‘Kiran Rao’ (his wife) force him to quit India. The government hearing this statement of Aamir Khan, calls this act as an ‘alarmist’, which simply spoils image of India.

Actor Aamir Khan and his Family


Aamir Khan was attending the award function of ‘Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism’ on Monday. And during his appearance, he just mentions in his speech – Whenever I discuss with my wife about the happenings, she just comes up saying – shall we leave India? That’s a most fatal and serious statement made by Kiran, as she is scared about the atmosphere and what would happen to her child! She fears to read the daily newspapers because of the increasing disquiet and despondency.

Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi Supports Aamir Khan

Many Ministers gave different comments over this statement. Amongst which, the Union Minister ‘Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi’says — the government will not let Mr.Aamir Khan to move out of India. This is purely a politically motivated campaign that insults to all those who respected Aamir in India.

Kiren Rijiju Supports Aamir Khan

While, the Junior Home Minister ‘Kiren Rijiju’ says – there is no meaning in blaming the government, as BJP government has taken lots of preservation and has minimised the number of deaths in the communal riots since the government holds its power. Hence, such kind of statement simply brings down the image of India.

Rahul Gandhi Supports Aamir Khan


Such kind of statement is enough for our great Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. He came in support of Aamir Khan immediately and made some tweets against BJP government and thereby providing great support to the Aamir Khan. He tweets — Rather threatening or abusing, BJP government comes to the people to know the problems that are disturbing them.

The incidents such as rationalist attacks and the rumours about a mob killing (the beef-eating) as well as the other controversial statements are made by the central ministers are held by the opposition parties such as the Congress Party. This seems to be a better example of intolerance that just has been put under the current regime.

Arvind Kejriwal Supports Aamir Khan

Even the Delhi Chief Minister Mr. Arvind Kejriwal supports Aamir on twitter. He tweets that, ‘BJP’ must stop reducing or controlling the people’s voice by abusing and threatening. However, the Central government takes more time in paving the steps to instil sense of the protection or security amongst the people.

Narendra Modi Statements against the Comments

The Prime Minister ‘Narendra Modi’ has been put into many questions, but he pretends to answer to everyone’s statements with complete calm. Modi is on recent trip to the Britain country and while making the trip he states that — India is fully committed to protect every citizen’s freedom, but the law or rules will be specifically meant to those who seem to be intolerant.