5 Amazing Natural Beauty Tips

To look beautiful is not an easiest thing until you maintain your skin and hair properly. You must consult the ‘beautician’, or ‘skin and hair specialist’ in order to look beautiful. After certain age, face gets ugly with pimples and marks on face, sun burns, wrinkles, etc. Besides these, you might also suffer from various skin problems. This might probably make you hesitate to attend any parties or functions, or even you may hesitate to go out of your home!


However, there are several home remedies that you can try to look beautiful naturally. It’s always the dry hairs, dry skin, dry lips and eyes that makes anyone look ugly. Hence, take care of your hairs and skin if you want to look beautiful. Though you can find many beauty tips in magazines, books, television and internet, you must note down only the properly working tips.

Natural Beauty Tips for Women

Below are some of the amazingly working natural remedies that makes you look beautiful.

Maintain your Hairs and Facial skin

If you are applying egg pack for face, you must take 1-2 teaspoon of egg white in a small bowl, and then you add half a teaspoon of malai and same quantity of lemon juice. You can mix these ingredients well, and allow it for 15-20 minutes and rinse-off with cold water.

You can even make the egg pack with 1-2 teaspoons of egg white, put some curds in the bowl and mix well. Later, you can rinse-off with cold water. Do this for every 2 days. The same egg pack can be applied to the hair as well.

Moisturize your Lips

It’s always a good habit to keep your lips wet (moisture). That does not mean washing your lips most often! But you need to avoid using certain things — stop using lipsticks that makes your lips dry and ugly, instead use moisturizing lipsticks. Remember to apply lip balm or Vaseline regularly that not just keep your lips moist, but makes them look pretty.

Takecare of your Eyes

Since, eyes are the main organs of the body to look beautiful, do not spoil your eyes siting and watching the screens of computers, mobiles or any other devices, for long hours. If you are spending more hours on these devices, ensure to do eye exercise frequently like rolling your eyes top, bottom, and sides, also hold your eyes with your palms for at least 2 to 3 minutes frequently, that gives good warmth and moisturizes your eyes. Apart from these, you must wash your eyes with clean water. These are few of the best eye care tips that makes your eyes look beautiful all the times.

Bring Smile on your Face

You must know how important is your smile. You can get all your work done just with a small smile. Smile also helps you to attract many people wherever you go. But what if your teeth is not maintained properly? Can you imagine yourself smiling or laughing with dirty or fallen teeth? You’ll obviously hesitate to smile and finally lose many relationships. Hence, consult your doctor for every 6 months and cleanse your teeth. You can apply teeth whitening cream to make them brighten. You can even try applying lemon juice and salt to whiten your teeth. If you have crooked teeth and gums, then you can go with dental fixture. This makes you to smile with confidence.